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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guilt - Why!?

So after that post yesterday about him being what I want and I always get what I want I started feeling so bad. That's not me. I am not the one to cross the line. I tease, I push, I flirt but I always stop at "that" line bc I don't wanna be the one to cross it. And I did. I stepped across that line and pulled him with me. Eww. I was torn up about it. And bc of that it wasn't even good. I mean, it was and I had fun but it felt different. First I was gonna email him via facebook but then I thought maybe that's not a good idea. So I decided to text him this afternoon. And I apologized. Altho he didn't really accept my apology, he said I had nothing to apologize for, I still feel better. And I learned my lesson on that one. If I am the one in a relationship I don’t have guilt, but if its someone else in a relationship I apparently feel all kinds of torn up. Weird. But I understand how he felt when it was the other way around.

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