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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vacation is Over

Went back to work today. Lame. I never do anything fun on vacation. All I do is sit around my house feeling lazy. Weekend was kinda boring. No new boys came around. I am talking to a few. An important one to mention is my ex BF from HS. Justin. We were together for 4 yrs. Started "dating" in 8th grade and broke up in Sept of my JR year. He was my first. Awww I know. How adorable. We have got in contact w/ each other once before in 2007ish. And it was just so weird bc we seemed to be right where we were before. Like no time had past. And we connected again via facebook last week. Since then we have been texting and talking until all hours of the night. We have both agreed we would like to see each other again, like face to face. But he is in Dayton. Boo. Maybe I can take a road trip :)
There is also this virgin guy. He is saving himself till marriage. He hasn’t done anything hardly. I tried to ditch him after text for a few, but he has been persistent. Lol I don’t wanna be his "teacher." That’s not what I am looking for at all. It might be fun…idk.
There are 2 other guys. One that looks like a genie. And one that’s actually pretty cute. Nothing too exciting or interesting going on there.
Off to go rub a genies lamp… lol.

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