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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So What Are Your Expectations?

Why, thank you Blogger for asking.

Its simple really.
Must Haves:
  • I am looking for a college educated OR skilled blue collar working man.
  • Between the ages of 25-34*
  • Similar religious and political views**
  • Funny/relaxed personality
  • Sexually open minded/adventurous
  • Own car
  • Like BBW's
  • Family oriented - my family that is
  • No kids
  • Own home***
  • 420 friendly****
  • Tall
*Semi flexible w/ this one, maybe a year younger, couple years older.
**Methodist and Liberal - Semi flexible here too, really needs to be liberal though
***Can be renting a house
****Not everyday and it cant interfere with life

Notice I don't have any physical features listed except tall. I prefer tall men. The taller the better. I used to always date 6'3 and up. I loved it. But other wise looks are negotiable. I have found all types of men attractive. If someone is sweet, friendly, can make me laugh, meets the other must haves I at least attempt to make a connection.

This has gotten me nothing but headaches and good blog entries.
Next Blog Entry title "Ladies! Just Say No."

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