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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meet Zac. He is an Azzhole.

I am so sick and tired of the whole "all guys are just assholes" excuse. That’s not acceptable. Guys shouldn’t be allowed to just be inconsiderate douchers and then turn around and say that lame excuse. Its so much crap.

So. Was there a reason for this vent? Of course there was.

Yesterday a guy posted an ad on CL in the men for women section (which is typically for those seeking more then friends but less then a casual hook up). In his ad he specified he was looking for someone to potentially have a relationship with. He also stated as far as sex goes he is willing to wait (but if you offer…). He also included some personal info about himself.

I liked his ad and decided to respond. We emailed back and forth a few times. And it was going so well. That should have been my first clue. After emailing for awhile I gave him my cell and we were texting. Making plans to have lunch or maybe swim. So excited. Finally a halfway decent guy for once, so far.

He starts changing the subject to meet up at a hotel. I kinda brush him off. He keeps pushing about hooking up and so I ask him, "I thought you wanted to meet someone and the sex was secondary?"

"Yeah that’s what I thought but now I kinda think sex is more important."

"Hmm so you wanna meet and have sex and then decide if you want more w/ that person?"


"Well I am not really looking to sleep w/ a bunch of guys, so as long as this isn't a one time thing. We could get dinner and see how it goes."

We both agree on that and the convo moves forward. Then all of a sudden he sends me a text that says "I am an asshole, you deserve better, good luck in your search."

Hmmm. What?! I was so confused. I question him a little and he informs me that his sole intention was to make a girl think he wanted more then a one night stand. Once that was done he was going to convince her to meet him at a hotel to sleep w/ him. And then he would ditch her…me!!


I made him feel bad bc he actually liked me and so he started feeling guilty and spilled the beans. I chewed him out, up and down. What an azzzzzzzhole!! Why would he do such a thing? Wouldn’t it be better to have awesome sex w/ a someone decent multiple times. Someone who you could have fun w/ in and out of the bedroom? I just don’t get it. And if I would have gone thru w/ it and we slept together, I'm sure he would have said all these BS lies about stuff we would do together. The "next" time we hung out we would do this and maybe we could go here.

I was so mad I had angry tears. I posted a rant online and got a bunch of responses about how guys are dicks and just wanna get you in bed. NO! If someone tries that line on me one more time I am going to flip out. All men are human and they need to have some amount of compassion for other people. Stop thinking w/ their junk. Or I'm gonna punch 'em in their precious one eyed wonder.

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  1. Wow girl, you have had a lot of changes since I checked in on you. Sounds like you are happier though, even though your wading through some idiots to find a good guy. How long have you been separated from Russell?! Anyway, good to catch up on what you've been up to. :)