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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ladies! Just Say No.

One of the hardest things I have had to get adjusted to in the dating world is the expectation of sex.
The last time I checked sex wasn't a 1st date thing. But apparently I am the only one who thinks that way. Now I don't adhere to any strict dating-sex code. Actually I am very relaxed when it comes to dating and sex. As I have said previously I enjoy the company of men. I am not opposed to sex. Actually give me more sex. Please. But I have an amount of respect for myself and you need to respect that. Any man who is too pushy deserves to be slapped. We need to go back to the days of whipping our hands back and smacking those fresh boys right across their dirty mouths.

When I first stepped foot into the dating world I was bombarded with messages from guys asking if I would sleep with them. Or how they wanted to sleep with me!? I was shocked but continued forward and found that guys wanted to meet at their homes, heck even cars, to hook up the very first time we would see each other. But they were interested in dating maybe. So it wasn't like I somehow wandered into Casual Encounters on my local Craigslist. This was a dating website. Where in the hell is the dating? I have gone on 1 date, wait 3. Three dates since January. Two to Starbucks, one to sushi. Even one of those the guys tried to get me to ... uh hold his hand under the table. lol heh

Of course if I am going to enjoy this time I do need to loosen up. And so I have. I am open to meeting new boys, and seeing where it takes me. I would like to stay alive and disease free so I am doing it the best and safest way for me. Every woman will take this road differently but I think we need to make sure the reasons we skeeze it up are the right ones. Have fun. And listen to that internal voice. Pay attention to it. Its usually right.

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