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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bullet Point Posting

*I am easing my way in to re telling Russell that I am done. And its for sure what I want. Ugh. No fun. So far I have tried but everytime his say "is that what you want?" I just cant say yes. Blast.

*A guy who totally ditched me in the worst way possible, which I thought I blogged about but I cant find it, responded to my happy bday text. I saved his # bc I really liked him. And occasionally I would text him and tell him he sucked. lol Well I remembered his bday was 9/11 bc what a terrible day to have a bday and so I texted him. He responded and we started talking again. He asked to see me and I was reluctant for obvious reasons. I told him no, but then he said I could come over to him, so I agreed. We had a good time, and afterwards I asked if I'd see him again or if this was gonna be like last time. He said I'd see him again, hmph. We will see. He did text me this morning and has been all day. Oh and I was able to verify he is not married. He lives at his moms w/ his son.

*I am thinking of moving to an apt complex behind my work. Its cheap and I can save some money and time commuting everyday. I know I will be even further from family but I work 5 days a week, I see family/friends only once a week or less. Yes Krystal you will come see me more then once :)

*Lastly - I am going to restart the process to get lapband, thank to Krystal. And I am terrified.

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