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Friday, September 30, 2011


Sorry for being gone for a few days.
After my last post I went to the dr that next morning and she said she didnt think it was strep. I didnt have a fever. She said she thinks its mono. I was kinda thinking that in the back of my mind. And I also have an ear infection. So antibiotics, some pain meds, and OTC sinus meds to help drain my tubes.
As expected I have gained 2lbs since my last weigh in. Boo. I did talk to her about my WLS thingy and she agreed. She was impressed w/ the amount of info I already had and said she agreed about the sleeve. She told me to keep her in the loop w/ insurance clearance etc.
Anyway she put me on voice rest and since my job is my voice I got an unexpected 4 day weekend. So I ended up being able to lay around in my pjs, nap and snack. Very happy. Its nice sometimes to take a break from the world.

Tonight is my last night w/ my roomies. I came back to pack up all my stuff, which isnt too much. I have 2 suitcases, 2 laundry baskets, 1 box, my lingerie bag, a CVS tote and then my bed, and laptop/laptop table. Didnt take me too long. Packed up all my shower stuff tho, oops. Cause I'll take one after the move. I'm sure I'll need it. The girls have been trying to convince me to stay by offering me all kinds of tempting offers. They cleaned out the room across from mine which has a walk in closet and is about 2 times the size. Its also cooler room temp wise, has an awesome window seat and recessed lighting. They even offered to lower the rent to $400. But I turned it all down. Many many reasons, but I am doing the right thing even tho $200 less a month is very tempting.

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