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Monday, September 26, 2011

TMI Sorta Kinda Yeah

OMG I can hardly keep my eyes open. How am I supposed to make it 4.5 more hrs. So Sleepy. I have already had a cup of coffee. Gonna have to go for a 2nd one. My throat is still killing me. And I made an unwise choice and went and saw Matthew this morning.
So I got up too early when I really need to be getting my rest. To go see a boy who doesnt really deserve me bc he only sees me as a booty call (but I am ok w/ that for now.) So I'm sick and I let him know when I got there. Like I thought he wont kiss me. I understand. lol But then right in the middle of the action my stupid body that hates me decides then is the right time to start spotting.
Sigh... so he stops and that ruins everything. lol I cant help him out bc I have strep and my throat is all swollen and gross. Good times :(
Whats frustrating is I dont have a period bc of my weight. So once the spotting starts its possible that it wont stop for a very very long time. Everytime I become aroused I could potentially start spotting again. Its not heavy like a cycle and if I was in a committed relationship it probably wouldnt be so embarrassing. But being single it makes me feel like I dont know my body. He kept calling me a tease. Said I knew this was gonna happen but came over anyway just to torture him. Yeah. Ok. *eyeroll

I am moving back into my apt by next weekend. Wahoo. Russell couldnt afford it anymore and I needed to take it back before he was in this huge hole and I would have to dig myself out of it. I am excited to be on my own for real this time. And to be back to my pup Chance and my kitty Max. I cant wait. OMG! Seriously.

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