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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yay and Boo.

I cant believe we finally met. We have been talking for over a year. Then 3 months ago, exactly, our friendship turned into something more. During this 3 month period we tortured each other and its slowly progressed. First we only talked on gmail from 2pm(me coming to work)-5pm(him getting off work) Mon-Thurs. Then we occasionally email over night, or on weekends. We text rarely. He's called a few times. Then I started waking up to emails, and I would leave him ones over night. He drove by my house one night. When I was living at the apt he drove by there once too. Now we talk all day, every day. Emailing mostly.

So last night as I was waiting for him to let me know to head over, we were meeting at my gparents house, I had pretty much made up my mind that if he did not show up, or chicken out tonight, that I would not talk to him anymore, or at the very least we would no longer be talking like we are. He finally emails me to head over. The drive over was nerve wracking. Ugh. I never even knew what he looked like.

I park and he parks in front of me. Gets in my car and … FINALLY. He wasn’t hideous. Short, average weight, not fat at all, dorky/nerdy cute, glasses, nice teeth. And I have no idea who he is. Lol He was so worried I would know him and his gf. Dumb. Anyway. He was really nervous, I was too, but not nearly as much. We hung in my car for 35-45 mins. It was nice. He was a little much w/ the agressiveness but I understand his reasons. Dont really like hooking up in a car. Feel too old and too mature for that. lol Then he left. Before I could even get home he emailed me. So I know I will be seeing him again.


So I totally seem to have given Russell the wrong idea. He thinks we are for sure going to get back together as long as he just makes some changes. Sigh…now I gotta go and rebreak his heart. Boo.

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