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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Band, No Pouch.

So I got my little info packet in the mail about WLS. It went thru the 3 types, bypass, banding and sleeve. I had never heard of sleeve until just recently but I really wanna learn more about this option. I wonder if it would be a good fit for me. Here is my pro/con list:

LapBand Cons/Concerns
  • Stuck foods
  • Foreign object in body
  • Band slippage
  • Fill/Unfill issues
  • Problems w/ not being able to vomiting bc of stomach flu/food poisoning
  • Cancer at band site
LabBand Pros
  • Reversible
  • Nutritional Absorption
  • ...?
Bypass Cons
  • Permanent change to the function of your stomach and intestines
  • Dumping - no not what you think
  • All that rerouting of your insides
  • Malnutrition/Nutrient absorption issues
  • Meh... a lot
Bypass Pros
  • Vomiting is "easier"
  • No band/stuck issues
  • ...?
Sleeve Cons
  • Staple leakage
  • some other stuff
Sleeve Pros
  • Everything that was a con else where doesnt have w/ the sleeve.
Lol ok not really but I got tired of my bullet points about half way in. Could you tell? But seriously I feel like the band isnt really right for me and the bypass seems to have a lot of negatives as well, and the sleeves seems to merge the 2. I know it has its own set of complications just like the other 2 but I am leaning towards the sleeve. I think I will speak w/ my surgeon when the time comes and see what he suggest.
OMG I am excited.

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