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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Puss Pockets are Sexy :)

Last night was awful. After I got home I felt like death. Just completely drained and no will to live. lol So I packed up some stuff and went to my apt to let Russ baby me. I get off at 10:30, get home around 11:10, I ate dinner, packed up and drove over there. By 1am I was in bed. I slept till 11am. It was glorious. But I would be happier if I could stay home in my jammies and eat soft foods and sip on cold or hot drinks. I went ahead and made an appt to see my dr tomorrow morning. I'm nervous. I havent seen her since earlier this year and I am a bad patient. I am also nervous about getting on that scale. But it will be good to be for sure what my number is. I am hoping I can convince here to give me a shot instead of a round of antibiotics bc A: I am terrible about remembering to take them and B: they give me yeast infections sometimes. Too effective, kill all the bacteria!!! No no, some we need, stupid strong pills. Calm down.
One of the things I do when I am really sick is actually funny. When I am sleeping I make funny noises and talk a WHOLE lot. If I have a fever its even worse. I dont have to be asleep, just sitting there watching tv and I'll like make this grunt sound. The sleep talking is worse w/ a fever too. Its one of those things outside of it I think its pretty funny, during the moment, I'm sick and probably grumpy and always super emotional, I'll cry bc you are picking on me by laughing. Luckily I havent had a fever yet this go round.

Only 11 more days till the WLS seminar.
Oh and looks like Russ and I are switching places this weekend. Wahoo. I am so freaking excited.

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