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Monday, January 30, 2012

I dont know anymore

Havent heard from Kevin since I sent that email. As far as I'm concerned I'm taking his silence as a sign that its over. Its very difficult to move forward when someone is being selfish and not communicating. This isnt middle school. Grown men should act like grown men.

Anyway...I restarted my okcupid profile. Had a meet and greet w/ Bradley on Saturday. His pics made him look kinda chubby...which I prefer, just because I feel like a skinny guy can't be attracted to me, idk. So yeah he was average size and we didnt click at all. But it was still friendly. Then Saturday night, Krystal, Kelli, Kacie and I all went and played Bingo. Good times.

So...back to the dating thing. I started talking to this guy Friday night. Troy...he's pretty cute. We exchanged #'s Saturday and we texted Saturday night and yesterday evening. Our personalities seem to click. I have put the vibes out there but he hasnt asked me out yet!! What the heck! Then theres Marc, I'm driving out to Temple to meet him next week. We've been talking for a month or so. As friends. But we are semi close so we're gonna hang. I'm excited to finally be meeting in RL.

Its getting busy so I better get going.

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