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Sunday, October 2, 2011

On my Own!!

Yesterday was the longest day in history. After staying up too late hanging w/ my roomies, then tossing and turning all night w/ the anticipation of what was coming, the day started early and never seemed to end. Russ came straight from picking up his paycheck. We loaded up all my crap, then drove back to the apt. Unloaded my stuff. Took a short break, loaded his crap, then he left. Then my work started. While I was sick I had already cleaned off the desk, cleaned the drawers and sorted thru his/her crap.(Including all of our old love letters, fun stuff) Yesterday I rearranged the living room how I like it. Put the love seat in the bedroom, unpacked all my clothes. Decluttered most the apt. Still have some work to do but mostly its done. The carpet needs to be cleaned badly and the floors/cabinets in the kitchen and bath. Why dont men pay attention to there things. Oh well.
My body is feeling it today tho. So so sore. And for some reason I have noticed when I take advil I get heartburn?? So I'm thinking I cant do that anymore. Ulcers are bad, def dont want one.

FINALLY met Javi last night, he came over. First time meeting in real life. Hes a big boy, short and stocky. Hes goofy but kinda annoying. IDK we'll see.

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