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Saturday, September 29, 2012

3.5 Hours

J gave me a Kindle Fire on Weds night and I am reading the 50 Shades Trilogy. Its good. It makes me think a lot. I am almost finished w/ the first book. I do love having the Kindle, thank you again babe ;) I wish Tumblr would get a real ap for the tablets.
I'm going to J's tonight for dinner. And then to spend the night. I am so glad. We seem to have a hard time leaving each other when we are finally together. lol And its been a few days since I've seen him. I miss him.
Its weird, I was noticing last night that...this might be hard to get out properly, nothing matters now to me except this, him, us. I mean, friends, family, work, etc, still matter. I just mean everything leading up to finding and meeting him. Its like its all faded away. You can scan thru my blog and see all the crap I have had the wonderful experience with. And now its like who cares. Maybe it was all worth it. I def appreciate what I have now. Would I not have if I didnt go thru all that? I dont think it would have changed ME. I am a great GF, lol.

Oh well who knows, who cares. I just want to enjoy....this.
God I cant wait for tonight...

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