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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Mans Place

In a relationship I find it very important that male and female roles are mostly followed. Partly bc I am old fashioned and partly bc I am submissive (no not like whips and chains, well.... no not like that). I believe that men and women should behave a certain way.

Men are to be bread winners (mostly), the head of the house (no matter the ladder), strong, aggressive, sexual, handy, yet loving, tender and affectionate while still maintaining (and demanding) control and respect from their spouse and children. I expect my man to fix and maintain my car/house, mow the yard, take out the trash, fill my tank and be dominate in bed.

Woman are to be supportive, loving, affectionate and caring, respectful of their men. They should take his word as the final say and not try and make him a push over. I expect myself to keep up the house work,  cooking/baking, taking care of the daily errands, providing meals for my man outside the home, and be available for sex.

These I believe are necessary for a success marriage.

Now I do believe that this is not set in stone and there are, of course, variations for every family but it boils down to respecting your man and his place in your life and vice versa. Yes you are still equal and when I say control and such I am not speaking of a dysfunctional/abusive situations, I am speaking more along the lines of the 50's era and previous.
Yes I realize that the womans rights were not as they are today and I am dont mean to take any of that away. A woman can work, and vote, wear pants, lol. And the man can cook and clean, etc. Dont lose your voice and just say yes sir yes sir, but dont take advantage of his trust and tenderness towards you either.

Now these are things that work for me and you may think differently but I have seen first hand couples who live mostly towards this life style and they are very happy and successful. I look up to them and hope my next marriage will be like this.

So to go along those lines, I have noticed I subconsciously do something based on whether I respect your place as a man in my life. If we are in bed and you are closest to the door I respect you, if not then I dont. I subconsciously do that and its has been about 95% accurate. lol Craziness.

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