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Saturday, September 8, 2012

VMA's, Marc and Jonathan

Hmmm lets see, my weekend...Tues was the 2nd date w/ Jonathan (more on that later), Weds my dad and Chaz changed my break pads, then I took my dad out to dinner for doing them/belated bday dinner from me. Thurs I went grocery shopping and got stuff for the crazy party I was planning for that night, LOL. JK For the VMA's I invited Krystal over. I did try a new recipe. I made a jalapeno bacon popper dip. It was good but a lot for 2 people. I should have cut the recipe in half. Bc I am lactose intolerant but usually its not too bad an issue. This killed me. I thought I was dying. But sooooooooooo good.

So 2nd date w/ Jonathan.
We went to the movies. It was a little weird seeing Hope Springs w/ someone you arent yet umm that romantically involved w/ yet. Lesson learned. It was weird also bc we didnt sit next to each other. I kept thinking I should scoot over, but never did. AND I am kicking myself for not getting movie snacks. Especially when someone else is paying :) He walked me to my car and ugh said goodnight.
Its so awful. I hate the newness, I mean I dont but I do. Its so weird. The whole is he gonna kiss me, what if he tries w/ tongue and I dont or vice versa...THE PRESSURE! Sheesh...
But yeah hes sweet. I can already see where this is going. I can tell he likes me. We talked a little last night and he was saying how he feels like he can open up to me. He has started calling me sweetie. And when I made a comment about my hair not growing. He asked why I wanted it long, I told him and he was like well I like it the way it is. Awww. We have already started planning our 3rd date for when I get back from Temple. I havent decided where I wanna go yet.

There is a "cold" front thats supposed to come in tonight. I cant freaking wait. I am excited for fall. Especially if things go well w/ J I'll finally have a date for the family bonfires. Yay! :) That makes me happy.

Mkay well...back to work for me lol yeah right

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