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Friday, September 28, 2012

He Amazes Me

My have things have changed in one week.

J. Hmmm where do I even start. He makes me so happy. All the little things that worried me in the beginning, they are gone, faded away. I dont care about any of it. That worrier side of me. The over analyzing. The wonderer. He has calmed that all down. I would say the changing moment for me was the night we went bowling. Our first date was good, and so was the 2nd but I feel like (and I've heard too) that you are really your true self by the 3rd date. And I felt that way w/ him that night. There have been other little milestones we have crossed since then, the first kiss and the sex talk (that I wanted to have so bad), lol. I feel like now we are really comfortable and completely relaxed around one another.
I have enjoyed just being w/ him. Cuddling on the couch at his place watching tv...thats so nice. His arm around me, holding hands. I dont want to forget these times. Where everything is so simple yet so amazing at the same time.
So, Tuesday we met at his place, went to dinner and then just cuddled on the couch. I met Donna and Bri - his brothers fiance and her daughter. I watched him help Bri w/ her homework which was adorable. LOL Like I said we did have the "sex" talk. That sounds so funny. It was just important to me that I get that out of the way. I didnt wanna fall any further for this man until I knew we were on the same page.
Wednesday he came to my place and met Chance. Had dinner. Then we hung out for awhile until he really really needed to get home for work in the morning.
Its so hard to be away from each other. I miss him and it sucks that between my schedule and our distance we can only see each other 3 times a week.

Hmmm...I'm all lrngvfoirjcjireo;vhe;vn;ovrnjiopvfheroik on the inside. I love this feeling :) I feel like my thoughts are all jumbled tho...
Anyway, here we are in all our adorableness.

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