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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jonathan and Rhianna Sittin in a Tree....

Wow what a night. J is a great BF, just saying. First of all we had planned on me coming to spend the night like...all week. So then it rained like all day. And I HATE driving in the rain, soooooooo he came and got me at work. When I walked in to his place....

and these were waiting for me on the fireplace. Not only that but while I was changing he brought down dinner. He got me the same thing I had on our first date, including the pint of green sauce I always get when I get to-go Gringos for myself. Hes such a good listener. The night was perfect and he makes me so happy :)

I am so sleepy now tho. Up till 5:30 ish and up around 9:30. Plus the sleep was very interrupted. The newness of being in bed I am normally a champion sleeper. I still have half my shift to go and I am fighting a losing battle of the heavy eyelids.

Oh PS...he loves me. He said it himself :) If you need me I'll be off floating on cloud 9 somewhere...taking a nap!

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