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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catch 22

So Jonathan. Wednesday we went bowling and then talked in his truck until after 1 am. Only talking, nothing extra bc apparently we are in the 8th grade. OMG. Then Thursday he said he would like to see me more then once a week. I agreed and we ended up going out that night to dinner. Afterwards I invited him back to my place and we watch part of a movie until he had to go. Nothing extra. I actually sat in the recliner and he sat on the couch bc we are def in 8th grade. WTF is happening!! I am not at all blaming him. I'm freaking out bc the longer time goes by w/o us moving forward the worse my nerves and anxiety are going to be. I was literally SCREAMING in my head SIT ON THE COUCH!! OMG. lol But yeah I never did and I suck at life.


He did kiss me goodbye.

It was awkward and we clinked teeth and yeah...We laughed about it tho so that was good. And I said we'll get this right eventually. lol And then he left. I wish I would have been like REDO!!! But I didn't. Another kicking myself moment. Sigh...I need him to be a little more...aggressive. I don't wanna jump into bed w/ him. And I am glad that he is respectful and not rushing me...but I DO want him to make me feel desired, and sexy. Theres the catch for ya guys. Sorry we are so complicated.


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