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Saturday, September 22, 2012

That Spark

Thursday was another date w/ J. We ordered pizza and pay per view. And then when he was leaving he kissed me again...and I felt it. No not that. Get your minds outta the gutter. I felt that spark that had been missing this whole time. And I was going crazy waiting for it. I wanted to like him so much. And I was SOOOO worried that I wasnt going to ever get there. Normally its instant, but I have had relationships were it wasnt. And it doesnt change anything as long as it gets there. lol And now I am happy.

I'm going to his place tonight when I get off work. I'm so excited!! And nervous, but only bc his brother and his fiance live there too. I really dont wanna have to drive home afterwards but I dont wanna invite myself to spend the night either...we'll have to see what happens. I did bring clothes just in case I got the invite. Ugh I really hope so.

Amanda over at Mom Burnt Dinner, who recently had WLS, is dropping weight like a rockstar(ummm yeah, lol). And after contacting her tonight, I am going to be the proud owner of some gently used plus sized clothing she no longer needs. Very exciting for me. I am always willing to take clothes of peoples hands. I hope one day I'll be the one giving my stuff to some other awesome chick. If my ins/job ever gets a bariatric surgeon so I can get approved for WLS too.

I am thinking about joining Weight Watchers tho. I have been feeling the urge to lose weight lately. I am scared. I dont wanna regain and get even bigger. So I gotta make sure this is gonna be a lifetime change. I'm hoping I can get J to join w/ me. And we can do it together. That would be awesome.

Alrighty, thats all for tonight, nighty nighty! :)

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