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Friday, June 29, 2012

16 Days till my 30th Bday

I am 1 week and 1 day into my break from the dating world. Doing pretty well if I don't say so myself. Just to clarify, I mean I am not actively seeking someone new to date. No dating sites, no CL, nada. If I run into someone awesome in real life then ok, but I felt like I wasn't really getting any where looking anyways. Just headache after headache. So many liars!!

I got a text from Chris this morning. He had some bad news and I felt really bad for him. I know we aren't together but he is a nice guy and I would say we are friends. I hope he finds something better and bounces back quickly. And who ever the doucher was on his blog who anonymously posted some ugliness is a jerk. Don't kick a guy when he's down. What good does that do? Ugh I hate people like that. Plus people need to realize that on our blogs sometimes the info can be a little....biased. ITS OUR PLACE TO VENT AND SHIT. Jeez. Rude.

My car broke down last week when I went to Temple. I am SOOOOOO glad Marc was there. He helped me get to the hotel and ran me around to get a new battery. Then he helped w/ the plan to get back home. I wouldn't have known what to do otherwise. Marc you're the best boy bff ever! lol ;) Love you!

BUT needing a new alternator was a real dent in my budget. I have pretty much re worked it so I don't get in a big hole. I still need to call my car note people and see if they will let me put the July payment off till the end of my loan period. Its so stressful having $ problems. But the title loan agreed to move my payment to the 11th and sprint moved to the 14th. So I'll pay my storage rent and paid Matt back. Then next check is title/cell/ins. AND that's the check for my bday too!!

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  1. Turning 30 didnt bother me but fixin to turn 31 in Oct. is freaking me out. Hope your money problems work out for ya. Praying for ya.