Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

200 Questions 11-20

11. How many times a day do you go on facebook? uh...a lot
12. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Titanic 3D
13. Have you ever cut off a limb? I cut my pinkie off, lol no I cut it really deep on the bone
14. Where did you get your last email from? which email acct? lets go w/ Marc
15. Favorite website? Reddit
16. Are you ghetto? no way
17. Will the world end in fire or ice? fire
18. Do you believe in the external world? like life beyond Earth? uh...idk
19. Would you cry if Facebook stopped working? no I wouldnt, then maybe people would go to google+
20. Do you have a blog? lol no....

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