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Friday, June 29, 2012

You're so Vain You probably think this Post is about you

Hmmm before I forget to mention it, I accidently deleted the entry w/ the rest of the 200 questions so I guess I'm done w/ that. lol oops. Oh well.
About a week ago my ex told me something about his mom saying something to him about my personal life. Now, my facebook is private, and the only common friend is Russell. And I block him from some of my stuff. But whats really odd is that they info he said to me was never posted on facebook. She talked to him about Kevin and Chris. Hmmm...well all Kevin paraphernalia has been deleted from my facebook,  and I barely mentioned Chris on my facebook, for sure never by name and only at the very end. (I just felt like it was too soon to talk about him on my facebook. And then we broke up like 2 days after I mentioned him for the first time. lol)

So my problem is either someones lying OR shes actually reading my blog...

Hi Sherry :)

Which ever the case, I am not going to censor myself bc of it. This is my blog. Sometimes I am inappropriate. I kinda talk about sex and stuff but I'm not vulgar. Thats not who I am. I rarely curse and smart about not putting too much personal info here. As far as I see it, if you are here reading you are interested. Offended or not, you keep coming back. I will say one thing incase she is here and then I will drop it. I really wanna tell my side of the "why me and my MIL never got along story."

Russells parents are totally different then mine. My parents dont lecture me. Or expect me to even consider their opinions. If I want it, I ask. If not, they may still tell me, but I can roll my eyes and say yeah ok mom. I didnt feel that way w/ his parents. I always felt like we werent good enough. I was very uncomfortable around his family. The ride to the (brothers or parents) house my stomach would literally hurt, I would feel like I was holding my breath the whole time, just waiting for something to happen and would be relieved once we left. I'm sure if they knew this they would ask me to point out when they were not welcoming or anything, and I would not be able to pin point any one thing. It was just how I felt. Rational or not.

But anyways back to Sherry and my lack of relationship. I remember one time in the beginning, Sherry and my two other SIL's (all married in btw, Sherry had all boys) were going to lunch and then antiquing. I didnt get invited. They would do things like this frequently. They would vacation together, etc. Now I understand that R and I didnt have the $$ for a Europe trip or to go apple picking or whatever but the invite would have been nice. Maybe we could have planned a small trip? San Antonio or something? But the thing that really hurt my feelings was the Christmas that Sherry gave Angela a purse. Sherry was so excited to show Angela that they had matching purses and ran to her room to bring it out to show her. How cool matching purses.

I got a wallet. The wallet thats matched the purses...

That hurt me so bad. It sounds so silly and I didnt even like the purse, but it wasnt the point. A few years later a similar situation happened w/ a glass angel fan pull. Sherry gave her the one that matched the one hanging from their ceiling fan in the living room. I got one, but it was clear, instead of blue...
Maybe its childish but I really felt like I didnt matter. They "loved" me bc Russell did and otherwise they didnt really like me. I started to try not to attend their family functions. Of course that upset Russell but why should I have to go there and be uncomfortable. So I let him slide on my families functions.

So yeah, what do you think? I know its only my side of the story but specifically about the purse thing, how would that make you feel?


  1. I guess I was blessed,my MIL and I got along most of the time. We had some problems when Jon was shot in Iraq and came home the first time. After we reestablished our boundaries it was ok. She was my mom's BFF and knew me since I was 5 so that helped. I would have been so hurt over the purse thing, ugly or not you should have been given the same thing. I am glad you got your side of the story out.

  2. I feel like things are similar with Rich's Parents and me. I locked his whole family except for his Brother from my facebook because everything I posted was reported back to her. Even if it had nothing to do with her or her family. My blog isn't private, but I no longer care if they know I don't like them, etc. I've been with Rich for 14 years and I believe they all know where they stand.