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Saturday, June 16, 2012

If this was July tomorrow would be my bday

I went on Weds to put down my dep at The Bradford and got denied! WTF? Why? The girl couldnt really explain to me, she gave me a sheet of paper w/ some numbers on it. Well, that wasnt helpful. I havent ever been turned down before. At most I've had to pay an extra deposit. Which is what I was expecting. I've been meaning to call back over there and get them to explain more. My credit score isnt that bad and I have no evictions/broken leases, so my rental history should be good. I dont get it. It makes me wanna call up Chad from the house and see if he'd be willing to continue the lease w/ me. I mean, he hasnt rented it yet and hes never gave me my $$ back. Hmmm, what do you think? I need opinions. lol

I got my yearly eye exam on Weds too. Its changed again. But I needed it either way bc I switched from contacts to glasses. Actually I never even really got to use my contacts bc they sucked. I saw the other dr in the office instead of my regular last year and he gave me contacts for astigmatism. I could NEVER get adjusted. It was awful. But anyways my glasses are way off. I cant even remember exactly how old these are. 3-4 year? Well I know the rx is not even close to my current blindness. It will be so nice to see again. And I really like my new frames.

So I went and saw Chris. I thought we were gonna maybe start talking again. But nope. Yesterday we went around and around and finally got to the fact of hes not ready for a GF. BUT I dont know if I believe him. Its not my place to jump to conclusions, especially in the blogging world, but I do read his tumblr and I saw some things on there that kinda hurt my feelings/made me wonder. But like I said its his blog and I dont know the full story so I cant assume. Or I can but theres a chance that I will be totally off and wasting my emotions on something that doesnt even matter. So moving on...

I'm an AUNT!!! My oldest younger brother Ronnie and his GF Erinn had their daughter Riley Celine on Thursday 6/14/12. She was 8 lbs 3 oz. Big healthy girl. She nurses like a champ and I love her to pieces. I cant wait to spoil that little girl. She will love LOVE her Aunt Lala. I cant wait to have sleep overs and do all kinds of fun things. I loved my aunts when I was little (I still do but you know what I mean). Especially the 2 that were single. They always did fun stuff w/ me. I have good memories of those times.

I'll leave you with a pic of my niece.
Riley Celine

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