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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I will probably cry today

I don't even know where to start...

I have been pretty emotional lately. More so then normal. I'm tired of dealing w/ the bull$*&% from guys. I mean, they sit there texting me back and forth for days/weeks/months even and I make it 100% clear that I am not interested in having sex but its like they cant give up. Once you tell them no it makes them want you more. I had 2 guys, Ray and Kenneth, who were texting me obviously looking for one thing only. Ray has been texting since March-ish. I ignored him for a very long time after he said he wanted something casual. But he never stopped texting. Finally yesterday after he sent a text saying why don't I ever reply I told him you make everything about sex and that's not what I want. It causes us to go back and forth with me repeating myself over and over. If you like me, and you are so interested in me and aren't just looking for sex then why is it that you never try to get to know me?? We could have coffee and talk. Dinner and movie. ETC. Its not that hard. But instead you tell me how much you want me. No thanks.
Kenneth was pretty much the same thing except he got really pissed off bc I was "judging" him. Hmmm....lemme see, the only text I EVER got from you were sexual. And if I tried to text you about something other then that my text would go unanswered. It was clear to me what you were looking for. I'm not judging you. IT IS YOU.

So w/ all that and everything thing else, I have decided to quit. I'm done. Delete my dating profile. This is too emotionally draining. I run across people who are available and interested in me are douche bags who lie trying to get me into bed w/ them. Or I meet someone awesome that I like and I cant be w/ them for whatever reason. Obviously someone is trying to tell me something, so I am taking the hint.
What makes me sad about all this is I just want someone to love who loves me back(eventually). Spend time together. Get to know one another. Have fun. It just doesn't seem that complicated to me. But I guess I am wrong. Man I really didn't wanna spend my 30th bday alone...
that makes me very sad...

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  1. Aww Rhi dont give up maybe take a break but dont give up. There is someone out there just looking for a cute, strong, funny woman y'all are just looking in diffrent places but y'al will cross paths soon.....Ali