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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rough Night

So lets just say you love someone who is your friend. You are not in a relationship and lets say you never will be. This person loves you too. But you 2 can NOT be together. You 2 speak everyday, pretty much all day and see each other when ever possible. You constantly compare every potential match to this person. They do everything and say everything right. They are your best friend.

How do you go out and continue to date and put yourself out there to be trampled on, knowing that this person should be "the one?" Not to mention that dating sucks and 75% of men only want you for one thing.

Listening to the radio tonight and hearing some lyrics that make me wanna hang up my dating hat and settle for a relationship that I cant have.

Yes. Its hard. I cant stop thinking about you tonight...I was really doing good...

Damn it.

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