Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

35 Days till my 30th Bday - omg 30...

Aaron was a dud. Should have know. lol Psh jerk. I dont care if he comes back a 3rd time. No thanks. If you were interested (and not married?) you wouldnt just disappear randomly.

I hate dating. I hate the unknown of it. Like now, I am "talking" to a new guy named Jimmy. Things are going well. We text everyday. We havent met yet. But I really want to get the initial meeting over with bc I am so worried he wont like me. The pressure of dating when you are overweight is different. And I'm not just being down on myself. Everyone has a preference. I am clear about my size and I have pics but really I need confirmation that can only come from meeting the person in real life. I think he might be waiting to meet until my schedule changes. I really hope not. I am guessing thats going to be about 2-3 weeks from now.

Horrible terrible news. My work blocked google plus. That was the last site that was still accesable to IM on. I stay logged into to google plus so I am use gtalk while I am at work. But not anymore. And my internet on my phone is hit and miss I dont know what I am going to do. I did a search for other "secret" IM/chats but none have worked. Waaaaaaaaah.

I need to hurry and move. The bed I am sleeping on is causing something funny to happen to my shoulders which is then pinching a nerve when my arms are in certain positions. Its a very odd feeling to have your index, middle and thumb to be numb/tingly. Me no likey. I just need to move in general. Staying at my gparents house has had some weird effects. They dont use the a/c (like I do) so even tho I'm not like OMG I'M SO HOT, my body sweats a little and being fat thats not fun, lol. Ugh.

Anyway. I'm sleepy. Bye bye.


  1. Hey Rhi,
    I am so hapyy that your still here. I can see you have many changes, I plan on catching up on things after I get the freeloaders settled for the night. Dating OMG cant imagine it, but thought I was fixin to find out myself about a year ago but we worked it out. Now that I know your still around and maybe a few others I will start blogging again for sanity:) Thanks for saying hi...Ali

  2. wow! I'm 3 years older than you! I feel so old!! Happy Birthday RHI!