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Monday, October 1, 2012

Books are Sexy

So like I said 2 post ago, I am reading the 50 Shades Trilogy that J had already on the Kindle. And this post isn't gonna be about the book, well, I guess I'll just say I like it a lot. But what I wanted to write about was sharing books w/ your partner.
I have never been involved with someone who was really a reader. I mean most people occasionally like to read a book. Or they are gifted a book and decide to read it. But none have been true readers. I used to be an avid reader. You couldn't pull me away. Not tv, movies, or the computer. I always made time for my books. I always had one on me. Then I got DVR, Sims, and a job where I didn't have time to read.
When E-readers became popular, I was determined to get one and get back into my reading habit. I missed it. I have a list of books I wanna read. So when J gave me the Kindle I couldn't wait to start reading. When I first turned on the Kindle all of his books were loaded. I began to scroll thru them and you really learn a lot about someone thru the books they read.
One of the things I realized since starting to read Shades of Grey is that I enjoy sharing books w/ J. The fact that he has already read it seems intimate to me. Its a new level of sharing that actually kinda turns me on. Yes, this book is a sexual book, but I want continue to do this with him. I think its fun and something to keep us connected to one another. Like a special book club. A book club w/ benefits, lol. And not all the books have to be dirty. We could share different types, topics we would like the other to know about, or be able to discuss. Maybe something we found entertaining, anything. I really hope this is something we continue.
Tomorrow night I'll be headed over again, hopefully I will be on book 2 of the trilogy.
Anyway, goodnight, I wanna get back to my errr J's hmmm our Kindle :) Yes...ours....I like that.

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