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Monday, January 9, 2012

2nd to Last Convo w/ Kevin

Me: I sure do miss you...I don't know if I'm supposed to move on or not tho?
Him: I miss you too... things are just really crazy right now
Him: I have just found my laptop, it was accidently loaded on the truck
Him: and put into storage
Me: Omg
Him: yes??
Me: I had no idea what was going on
Me: lol
Him: I'm sorry, had no way of contacting you...the movers came last Friday and completely caught me off guard
Me: I kept telling myself that you wouldn't just ditch me but I was starting to lose hope
Him: I am SO sorry
Me: Its ok
Me: I'm glad you didn't ditch me
Him: never baby
Me: thank GOD
Me: You need a phone!
Me: Damn it
Him: I get one next tuesday!!
Me: what are you doing do you have time to chat or were you just stopping by real quick
Him: just stopping by, Im in mcdonalds parking lot
Him: stealing internet
Me: ok here or there?
Him: here... im in arlington right now
Me: when can we chat again?
Him: ur off tomorrow?
Me: yep
Him: ok, tomorrow at 2pm
Me: Chat?
Him: Yes
Me: ok babe
Me: Promise?
Him: bye sexy, need to run
Him: promise
Me: ok bye
Him: bye baby
Him: love you
Me: love you too

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