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Monday, January 9, 2012

Convo's w/ Rita #1.5

Same night; A little later on
Her: are you ok
Me: no
Me: I'm sick to my stomach
Me: and I've been crying this whole time
Her: I still cant sleep
Me: I never believed in love at first sight or any of that kinda stuff but from the first message w/ him I just felt this unexplainable connection
Her: I know, he loved you dearly. He told me he planned to propose to you
Her: I never thought he would remarry
Me: thats what he said...
Me: about the remarrying thing I mean
Her: he bought you a ring, I know that much
Me: ...
Her: johnathan is taking this very hard, he keeps asking when his daddy is coming home
Me: I love that little boy I couldnt wait to be part of his life
Her: he is a little sweetie
Me: I'm still in shock, this is very hard I know it must be for you too not trying to take that away
Her: I understand, you must have truely loved him
Me: I had something of his and I made him take it back last time I saw him and now I wish I wouldnt have
Her: I dont know you, but you seem like a very nice girl
Me: Thank you. I love him...
Her: never forget, he thought the world of you
Me: I dont wanna go on...I cant imagine replacing him
Her: you have to go it for kevin
Her: he would want you to
Me: He had so many plans, for us
Me: I hate that now
Me: Now I feel lost
Her: why do you hate it?
Her: I know how you feel
Her: I feel lost too
Me: I'm sorry
Her: Let me have your address, I want to send you the ring he bought for you
Me: that would be, that would mean so much to me
Her: email is here and I will send it, its a beautiful ring
Me: email it to his yahoo
Her: Yes
Me: I can do that, if you mail it tho, I live in an apt maybe I should have it sent to my gmas so it will be safe
Her: yes, that would be a good idea, the ring is probably worth close to 10k
Her: its big
Me: that doesnt matter to me...I'm a simple girl
Me: all I ever wanted was to have someone who loved me completely
Her: that is all we all want dear, unconditional love
Me: the last time we were together, before he got here I was having a bad day and wasnt feeling well, as soon as he wrapped his arms around me and I laid my head on his shoulder it all disappeared...
Me: It was like my head was made to be right there, and he arms fit perfectly...
Her: He had that effect on people, he was a caring man
Her: How long did you know Kevin?
Her: just got your email
Me:just since Oct not long enough
Me: thats my gparents address, I always have my important stuff send there
Her: ok I will box it up and send it, I will also insure it and make ups get a signature
Me: Do you have any personal belongs of his? A shirt, a sock, anything? Something?
Her: I do
Me: Can I get anything? Please
Her: I have his favorite shirt
Her: A cubs jersey
Me: you dont have to give me that, if you wanna keep it
Her: it has his name on it
Her: I dont mind you having it
Me: I got something for Kevin for was a suprise, he said not to get him anything...but I couldn't give him nothing
Me: would you like to see it?
Me: I think he would have laughed
Her: sure
Her: what is it?
Me: I sent a pic
Her: emailed
Me: yes, email. The Cars cars were for Johnathan
Me: I knew how much Kevin loved the cubs since he said not to get him anything, I got something smal and cubs related
Her: lol thats cute, him and Johnathan would have fought over it, John lives Mr Potatohead
Me: And I said that to Kevin, when I said I got him something he gave me this look and I said, well Johnathan would like it too
Her: yes
Her: I know he recently updated his will, if he left you anything, I will not fight you getting it. I kow he had just orderedd and paid for a new car.
Her: the will will be read in 3 weeks
Me: I'm speechless...he ordered that silly car?
Her: he did... a cadillac, I think
Me: lol I thought that was so silly
Me: hes crazy
Me: :(
Me: But he was so excited about it
Her: its pretty
Me: I know, its a beautiful car
Me: he did a good job picking everything
Her: he was looking for a house, Im not sure how far he got on that
Me: I'm not sure, I just asked him to make sure I could go online to see it once he picked it out
Her: something else for me to look into
Her: I have the realators card, I'll call him
Me: did he pass here or dallas?
Her: Dallas
Me: But you went up there? so he wasnt alone?
Her: I came up when he said he'd been in an accident and wasnt feeling well. I came up to take Johnathan off his hands until he felt better, good thing I came
Me: Where was John when he had the accident? I just assumed he was still in Houston
Her: His best friend Freddie has a daughter who was babysitting him
Me: Thank God Johnathan wasnt in that van
Her: He would have been killed instantly
Me: by the way...I'm Rhianna
Her: I am Rita
Her: very nice to meet you, wish it was under different circumstances
Me: wish we could have met under different circumstances
Me: heh...
Me: I keep thinking I am sleeping
Her: are you still crying?
Me: yeah off and on, I'll think of something and it starts all over again
Me: I have pics of us in my comp and they randomly pop up
Her: I'd like to see a pic of the two of you
Me: I can send them
Her: I would like that
Me: 1 min
Her: no problem
Me: I sent them...I am a photoshop addict so forgive the look
Her: ok
Her: you guys look good together
Her: I need to try to get some sleep, we will chat again soon
Me: thank you...ok goodnight

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