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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Been Away

I hope everyones holidays were spent w/ family and friends. I've been away from the blog for a couple weeks. Been thinking about my return, but I HAD to catch on my google reader first, I was over 1000+ post for a week. I couldn't let myself blog until I was all caught up and I finally am.

So a quick catch up.
Kevin is in Dallas now. He was in a terrible accident on the 30th. The last we spoke he was alive, but pretty banged up. He was supposed to start his new job Tues but I have no idea if he did or not. I'm assuming not, bc he was supposed to be getting a work cell and I havent heard from him. We anticipated this period of mass frustration, but it doesnt stop it from sucking big time. Especially now w/ the accident. I have no idea how hes doing. Did he end up in the hospital?

Since I was rejected for the weightloss surgery, I am going to try again to do this on my own. I really hope I can figure it out, bc I dont wanna lose to gain back more then I lost. I am currently at my heaviest and my body can tell. My knees hurt, I am sore everyday. I am getting heartburn every night (I fixed that one). Plus I turn 30 this year and I would really like to make some babies!! :-) My brother and his GF are expecting and it kinda hurt my feelings when my mom said she had given up on me ever making her a gma :-( Dang its not like I didnt try. I know she didnt mean it like that, but people need to be more considerate of things like that. Oh well. So anyway my plan is to lose 25lbs per quarter. 100lbs total for the year.

Well... today is my Friday and its almost over, so I better wrap it up for now, be back in a few days.

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