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Monday, January 9, 2012

Convo's w/ Rita #1

1/5/12 9:56am
Me: tell me you've been in this terrible accident and then dont hear from you again. Are you ok? Did you go to the hosp? Were you able to start your new job? Are you alive!!
1/5/12 9:20pm
Me: I need to talk to you, hope everything is ok
1/6/12 12:01am
Him(his mom from here on out): Im dead
Me: huh
Me: Are you still there?
Him: Kevin passed away, he had a punctured lung and bled internally
Me: Uh?
Him: yes, this is his mother
Me: is this for real?
Him: yes, I am very sorry to break this news to you
Him: and I have his son w/ me now
Me: no way
Him: the funeral is Sat in Chicago
Him: at 1pm
Me: omg wait for real
Him: yes, im very sorry, he told me that he loved you, and for me to say godd bye from him
Me: is there anyway you can call me
Him: that was his last words
Him: I cant talk about it right now, im still very upset
Me: I am having a very hard time w/ this just bc...when did this happen?
Him: Tuesday about 3am, he was rushed to the ER coughing blood, he passed at 1:47 on wednesday
Him: I know I dont know you, but he though very highly of you
Him: he spoke of you often
Me: is there anyway I can get closure from this?
Him: i can email a pic of him in a coffin at the funeral, other then that, I'm not sure what to say
Me: I dont wanna seem cruel...
Him: his money is now tied up or I would fly you up to the funeral
Me: this is unbelieveable
Him: I'm sorry
Him: I really need to go, I havent slept in days
Me: Well...I had a present for Johnathan
Me: for christmas
Him: Johnathan has anything he could want/need, Kevin was VERY well off, and he spoiled that boy rotten
Me: ok...
Me: I'm sorry
Him: I miss him SO much... he was my reason for living, now I have a little Kevin to keep me going, but I will never stop missing Kevin
Me: I can't stop crying...he was amazing
Him: just remember one thing...tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone
Him: live life to its fullest
Him: I have to go, sorry to break the news to you this way
Me: ok I understand thank you (12:26am)

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