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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Very Short Story

We met thru an "Strictly Platonic" ad I posted in October. I was frustrated w/ men and dating. I laid it out plan and simple 10 Questions. If you answer yes to all of them message me.
I had quite a few replies but from the moment I read yours and then responded we seemed to click. Our relationship grew quickly and we both fell hard, surprisingly you first :)

Your love made me believe again. I had had so many bad experiences after re entering the dating world after my divorce. We made plans for our future, well, mainly you made plans and you wanted me by your side. February was the big month, you had already moved up to Dallas, and I was coming next month. We were moving quickly compared to the "normal" timelines of a relationship, but we knew what we were ready, what we wanted. I was so excited.

You were rearended on Dec 30 by a dumptruck but you didnt go to the hospital. Wed 3am you were rushed to the ER. You passed Weds Jan 4th at 1:47pm in Dallas.

No one notified me. Until Thurs/Friday at 12:05am. I guess you thought you'd make it and wouldnt want me to worry? I dont know... I wish I could have been there...I should have been there. What am I supposed to do now?

Your mom has been amazing. She told me about the ring!! And the house you made an offer on in Dallas. I cant believe you were gonna surprise me!!

I love you KJ. You will forever be in my heart, but damn it... why did you leave me here all alone??

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  1. Oh my god!! I am SO sorry! I have no words :(