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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Convo w/ Rita #2

1/6/12 12:13pm
Me: Kevin...I love you more then words can say. I'll never understand why we were only give a short time together but I will remember every moment. All my friends and family are praying for you, me, John and your family. I never imagined the physical pain I feel from losing you. I love you :-* Rhianna

Her: That is a very sweet sentiment
Me: I talked to him on here almost exclusively, so I feel like this is where I can go to talk to him
Me: I hope thats ok
Her: That is fine, what ever you need to do
Her: I found out something today
Me: I felt like talking to you last night was very comforting
Me: Whats that?
Her: I retracted his offer that he made on an absolutely beautiful home in Arlington
Me: Wow...
Me: He had found a home
Her: He told me he only wanted the best for you
Her: Its gotgeous the realator took me to see
Her: I wish I would have taken pics
Me: Did it have a garden tub?
Me: I asked for that :(
Her: yes it did, pool and jacuzzi in the backyard too
Me: Thats the one he told me about...he told me he wasnt for sure
Her: the entry was marble w/ a gorgeous chandelier
Her: I think he was trying to surprise you
Me: I miss him so much
Her: Johnathan asked me again where he is and when he'll be home
Her: poor baby just doesnt understand
Me: does he know and forgets/doesnt understand or is it better for him not to know
Her: doesnt understand, did Kev tell you about him, and his issues?
Me: yes he did.
Me: he wanted me to know all about it
Her: ok, just wondering
Her: ok
Me: as soon as he was sure he wanted me to meet him
Her: he was cautious with him
Me: yeah once he knew he wanted to live together he started telling me
Her: maybe we can arrange for you to meet him if you are interested
Me: I would love to. I loved Johnathan. He was a part of Kevin and I wanted to be part of his life. We were all supposed to meet the Friday before Christmas.
Her: the day the movers showed up early
Me: Yeah
Me: Are you doing any better today?
Her: A little, have to maintain my compsure for John
Me: I'm off on fti/sats thank goodness so I've had time to deal, dont think I can watch the texans game
Me: we'd always chat while he watch w/ Johnathan
Her: Kev had tickets, I gave them to his friend Freddie
Me: He said he wanted to get them
Her: what he wanted, he got
Me: I didnt know that, about the $$
Her: and you would have never known by that crappy van he drove, but he has close to $xxx,xxx in his acct
Her: I had no idea
Me: None of that matters, I'd give any amt to have more time w/ him
Me: and I'm sure everyone feels the same

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