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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Convo w/ Rita #3

1/7/12 10:27am
Me: I miss you so am I supposed to do this...

1/7/12 11:20am
Her: getting ready for the funeral. today it might sink in on John that his daddy is not here anymore
Me: I wish I could be there
Me: I'll be thinking of you both all day
Her: thanks, and I will be thinking of you too
Me: please say goodbye for me
Her: we arent expecting a very big turn out
Her: I will say good bye for you
Me: Thank you...
Me: God my eyes are raw
Me: Is there gonna be a program thingie?

Me: Wahoo Texans. Whether you had tickets or not I know you'd be watching!! Your boys did good. <3 ya babe

Even later...
Her: Hey just got in, it was a nice service, had about 30 people come out
Her: I have a program thingie for you
Me: Thank you. How was Johnathan?
Her: Well I think it sunk in that Kevin wont be coming home, but he is still confused about it all
Her: makes me sad
Me: Yeah that sweet boy, hes been on my mind. I have a pic w/ him and ariel, those eyes...oh man
Her: yeah, I was with them for that trip and he was in L-O-V-E
Her: lol
Her: but ariel is very pretty
Me: lol he def looks in love!
Her: we are going to hang around up here for a bit, maybe back to Texas in a week or 2
Me: I wanna thank you for telling me. And for keeping me informed the past few days. I feel like it really helps to speak w/ someone else who knows him and loves him...
Her: No problem dear. It has helped me too...Thanks.
Her: are you ok now?
Me: I'm doing better yes... I feel...more comforted? idk its weird but I know the tears arent gone for good
Her: I know what you mean, its is hard burying your child
Her: Even if he is almost 40
Me: I've had alot of support from my family and friends, oh and from what I understand thats one of the worse things, its not supposed to be that way
Her: exactly, sounds like you have good friends
Me: they knew how we felt for each other...even if the calender time wasnt long, they could tell
Her: I could tell too, he talked about you all the time
Me: That makes me happy, he tolds me a lot about you and John, I was nervous about meeting you, lol
Her: We'll have to have lunch sometime
Me: I would like that
Her: sounds like a plan
Her: I'm goin to bed, its been a crazy day here
Me: I bet. Goodnight Rita
Her: good night

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