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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Haul

As usual I had an awesome Christmas. So blessed by my family. I had a lot of fun shopping for everyone and loved my gifts. I spent Christmas morning w/ Jons and his momma. She made us breakfast and then I finally got to open presents. After that I went to work until 3. Jon picked me up from work and we headed to my aunts where my family wait for me to show up to open presents. After that we just socialized for awhile until both J and I were getting sleepy. Plus the weather was getting bad. The temp was 78 on the drive to mom-in-laws ;) and then by the time we got home it was 42. Brrrrrr.

So heres what I gave:
*12 Days Gifts
*3 new shirts
*New Jeans
*Portal 2 Replica Gun
*Mini Nerf Gun
*Queer as Folk Complete DVD Set
*Star Wars Bank thingy
Ronnie-USB cord and GC to AMC
Riley-Toy Piano thing
Kacie and Randy (people we drew) GCs

And my haul from:
*Toaster Oven
*Crock Pot
*Pretty custom jewelry box

*iPod Nano
*Purse (that I have wanted soooo bad)
*GC to itunes

Melissa-GC to Bath Body Works
Barbara-Scentsy Pot w/ scents and fuzzy socks
Ronnie-Kindle Fire cover

Jon got a GC to Academy and Game Stop from my family.

I know its not about the giving or receiving but I like to post so I can remember 1, 5, 10 years from now what an awesome Christmas I had w/ my family.

Merry Christmas everyone. Cant wait to read everyones post about what they gave and got!!

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