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Friday, December 14, 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Wednesday I ran around literally all day getting things together for The 12 Days of Christmas that I am doing for J. I got home in just enough time to wrap everything up, shower and get ready. It was date night!! Yay! :) We went to our usual little Mexican place right around the corner. Wasnt too impressed w/ my dinner but still a good night out w/ my love.
Then bc I couldnt stand it I wanted him to start the 12 Days. I gave him the option of going 12-1 or 1-12. He chose 12 first. So he got 12 scratch off lottery tickets. And this morning he got a GC to Subway for $10.
Yesterday I finally decorated for Christmas. I had been putting it off first bc Mr Picky was trying to find the perfect tree, which he did. And then I was gonna change the color scheme but decided I was ok w/ silver and blue. I decorated the mantel and fireplace, and the stairs too. So its def feeling like Christmas now. We did decide the tree was missing something, it needs another punch of color. We think a deep red ribbon wrapped around will finish it off.
PS The cowboy hat was kind of a joke. We didnt have a topper and I kept looking at the hat going, I think that would actually look good. Wrapped the hat in silver garland and stuck it up there. We loved it.
So Pretty.

PPS I got bad news when I got to work today that I have to work 4 hours on Christmas 2-6. BULLSHIT. I am pissed but trying to not have another bad day...

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