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Friday, December 28, 2012

Jan-June Recap

I decided I wanted to do a Yearly Wrap Up. This last year sure has been a interesting one. I can think of a few major events. But I am sure as I read over each month lots of little things will pop up. Yay. Or not. And I will put links to the monthly recap and maybe some links on really popular entries.

January- Oh gawd...I almost dont even wanna recap this month. Basically it was supposed to be me and Kevins 3rd month together. He had moved to Dallas and I was waiting to move up there in Feb. He died in a car accident. And I was devastated...But then its all lies. All of it... I spent the rest of the month trying to figure out things. I did meet Marc that month and he has become one of my best guy friends and I am so lucky he came into my life when he did bc he really saved me from Kevin.

February- I didnt blog much in Feb. I was still very much trying to come to terms w/ the whole dead guy thing. We were broken up. I was moving on. I finally told the blog about Ryland, his whole story and he finally took a deal and started his sentence. I got flowers for valentines day. I went to Temple for work and celebrated my mommas bday. My carpel tunnel and sulfate allergies where really beginning to flare up. And I got my new phone. I also met Troy that month too.

March- I found out that dead guy was married. And I took him back...for a week. But then I regained consciousness. The lease was finally up in the apt me and my ex shared, so cleaning and packing all that up was kinda nice, to be done w/ that. I blogged even less this month. I moved into my grandparents.

April- Another slacker month of blogging. I re-entered the dating world, sorta. I was very wary. I didnt trust anyone. I pretty much relied on my friendship w/ Marc for male companionship. (Not like that, pervs) Just as someone who kinda kept me from feeling like I needed to rush into dating. I started talking to Chris. Went to Temple again.

May- Stayed at Krystals for a week. Had my first date w/ Chris. I was itching to get back out on my own. Kelli left rehab for the millionth time. I found a cute little house. Chris and I continue to date. Tried to move into the house but had mold and other issues. Chris and I spent Memorial Day Weekend at my gmas.

June- Chris and I "broke up." Quotations bc I dont think we were ever really official. June was emotionally hard for me. I was very stressed about family and then trying to date w/o dealing w/ assholes who were just trying to get in my pants. So I quit dating. Took a break. Chris and I tried to stay friends. My alternator went out on a trip to Temple. My brother and Erin had their baby, lil Riley Celine.

OK I'll stop there. The first half of the year kinda sucks. Hmm I wonder how the rest of the year will go :)

Its seems like so much of my time was consumed by either boy drama or family drama. But I mean, what else am I gonna blog about. When things are peachy, I dont blog bc what am I gonna say "yep still happy over here" lol. Yeah...

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