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Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh Baby, baby fever...

So...moving along after that last overly emotional post. Just gonna say I talked about it w/ Jon and a close friend and you will hopefully not see those post from me anymore.

Tuesday I drove to Clear Lake to see Krystal and lil baby Everett. They got to come home Tuesday afternoon. I dropped off Chance w/ my ex, went and saw my gma for a few, it was her bday, and then went to Krystals for awhile. Everett is a great little baby. He snuggled up w/ me for hours. Literally drooling down my shirt. Such a comfy little bugger. Stayed over there for awhile till we all got sleepy. Came home and realized I had a horrible splinter in my foot. J had fun trying to get that stupid thing out. I was screaming bloody murder. Why do those dumb things have to hurt so bad!!? UGH.

Did a whole bunch of nothing yesterday. My stomach was cramping so I just laid around, sleeping, watching tv. Jon had to go to a class till late. So it was a pretty boring day. Today wasnt that much more exciting. Got Chance back.

Yup. That was about it. lol

Spent some much needed cuddle time w/ J. I miss him when a few days go by and we just kinda see each other in passing. During our cuddle talks tonight I ask him if he felt like we were just like floating thru the days. Like not really living. Waiting so we can our life together. Just going day by day, marking another day off the countdowns. 44 till my schedule changes, which that one will be a big one for us. I cant hardly wait till we can actually spend every night together AND weekends. WHAT!!? Whats that? Will we be able to handle it? lol Of course we will. Then in Feb/March we will be looking and moving into our own place. We have to be out of here by April 2. I'm sure we wont wait THAT long, but we can use that for a countdown. Hold on, lemme count it up...brb...

Oh boy. I cant freaking wait. Seriously.
Mkay well I had really planned on going to bed early but I freaking fell asleep w/ J when we were cuddling...dang it...

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