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Saturday, December 29, 2012


I have kinda quickly started looking my blog for the 2nd half of my year and

July- My carpel tunnel was really bad. I was in so much pain and my hands and fingers were pretty much numb 24/7. I stayed single and on my dating break. I went and saw a garage apt from a friend of a coworkers. And decided to move in at the end of the month. Celebrated July 4th w/ family at the annual LC Park thingy and then went swimming. My blog turned 1 year old. Kelli had and placed Dylan for adoption. The same family as Reese. I celebrated my 30th bday w/ a fun 3-0 party w/ my fam. Went to Temple and moved into my new place.

August- Got settled into my garage apt. Kelli totaled her car. Basically had no internet and barely any cell coverage. Finally saw an ortho for my hands. And got cortisone shots which took away all my pain. Won concert tickets on the radio. Struggling w/ being single and feeling lonely. Decided to restart my dating profile. Had a flat tire, flat tire, blow out. Someone searched for Dead Guys email address and found my blog. Messaged Jon on okc after he checked out my profile. Gave him my number and texted a lot. Supposed to talk on the phone the night I got the blow out. Got stood up 4 times. But had a great first date with Jon. Dinner at Gringos.

September- 2nd date w/ Jon. Movies. Reminded that I am happier when I am faithful and go to church/pray regularly. Bday dinner w/ my dad. VMA party w/ Krystal. 3rd date. Bowling. 4th date. Dinner and back to my place to watch a movie. THE FIRST KISS YAY!! 5th date. 6th date. The offficial talk. We are facebook official. I finally have an awesome boyfriend. Yay. Hmm the 2nd/3rd/etc kisses. And the spark :) Went to his place for the 1st time. I fell in love w/ Jon. Chance and J met. He gave me the Kindle Fire. Spent the night for the first time, celebrated our 1 month and said I love you. Man this month was just all J all the time. lol

October- Reading 50 Shades of Grey kinda w/ Jon. He already read them. Dinner w/ Danny and Donna for the 1st time where Donna started moving me in, figuratively. Decided to wait to move in. Spent my off days at Jons house. Tried to leave for work but had a flat and ended up getting 4 new tires. Thanks babe. Eeesh. Decided to move in together at end of month. lol Got my smash book. I hate going back "home" to my apt on Fri nights. Finally told Juan I was moving out. Riley's Baptism and J meeting most the fam. Dinner w/ my mom and Pedro. Lunch w/ his mom and we went to the San Jacinto Monument and USS Texas Battleship. Dealt w/ the Donna 6 month fiasco. Officially out of my apt. Our 2 month anniversary. Carving pumpkins w/ Krystal. J and K meeting for the first time.

November- Got Chance forever. Did a daily thankful post for Thanksgiving. Participated in NaBloPoMo. The election. Danny went on a coke binge. They threaten to leave and J and I get prepared to be tight $$ wise. Krystals baby shower. Got Guitar Hero. J and I picked out our song. We also found our spot for our weekly date nights. I had a slight freak out but got over it. Had our first Thanksgiving, first at his moms then at my gmas. Bonfire at The Deweys. 3 months!!

December- I have another and the last irrational freak out. I get baby fever over baby Everett. Started Christmas shopping and planning for Jon. Rylands bday sparked a sad post. We got our Christmas tree. Found out I was going to have to work Christmas. Started the 12 days of Christmas. Our first Christmas. And today...our 4 month anniversary!!

Welp... that was the 2nd half of my yearly recap.
What can I say? I am def 100% happier going into Jan 2013 as I was Jan 2012. And the 2nd 1/2 was way better then the 1st. Thanks to my awesome bf. It was really neat reading back over our courtship. lol So sweet. I love my man. Cant wait to go home and kiss his face off and thank him for the last 4 months.
2013 will be awesome w/ him by my side. I just know it.

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