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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Poo Sweats

Random, but annoying, there is a lady who I work with that tries to talk to me first thing every morning. Her shift is almost over and so she is trying to stay awake/pass the time. I get it, but this is when I blog. Shhhh lady, stop talking to me. lol
Jon wasn't feeling well yesterday. We aren't too sure what was/is wrong tho. He feel lightheaded, flustered and lethargic. He hadn't eaten so I thought it was that but when he ate he didn't feel any better (or any worse). He is keeping food down, no stomach issues. Sweating a lot tho. I hope hes feeling better today.
The new kitty hasn't figured out the litter box yet :( That sucks. So I REALLY need to get some carpet cleaner stuff. Man cats have the stinkiest poo ever. We tried several times to stick him in the box but he hates it.
Oh man my bday is getting close. And the party is this weekend. I cant wait!! I hope it goes well. And everyone has a good time.
Nothing else to report that I can think of.
Happy Hump Day!
Rhi :)

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