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Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun Weekend

Friday I got off work early which was needed bc I had a ton of stuff to get ready for the party. I took Chance to the groomers. I found him a new one. Its maybe a little closer, but its easier to get to, and it def cheaper. Poodle grooming can be expensive. After that I went grocery shopping for the party. Decided to make my own fruit and veggie trays, so bought a ton of stuff to chop up, burgers and hotdogs, chips and drinks.
Saturday I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I finished just in enough time to take a short break with Jon before I sent him off on his errands and then get myself ready.
The party was a success. Jon and I both had a great time. And so did everyone who came out. I was as happy as could be, in my home, filled w/ the people I love, gathered for a celebration. So fun.
Sunday Jon and I were pretty wiped out. We ended up just lounging around all day. I realized as we were going to bed, I stayed in my pjs all day. lol Oh well.

And here are pics:

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