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Friday, July 26, 2013

Picky Picky

First I wanna say I have heartburn and the only reason I have it is bc my body hates me and knows my Rx hasn't been refilled yet. Well, I hate you right back.
2ndly I am having my sleep study redo on Saturday and I am scared.
And lastly I am not trying to be petty but you know this really grinds my gears. At my job we have a monthly bday celebration. I have been here 3 years. The 1st 2 years my dept didn't celebrate. Last year in AUGUST!!!!!(the month after my bday, but whatev's) we started celebrating bdays. Ok great. Go every month, I participate. We decorate the desk, have a potluck, give a card. Yay. NOW, heres my issue, today is 7/26. We have yet to have the bday celey. There are only 3 business days left in July and I haven't heard crap....I swear to everything if there is nothing done this year I will stop participating. Its a bunch of CRAP!! lol ugh

Ok was that a good enough blog entry??

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