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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gosh Darn it Beaver Dam

OMG I am so mad at myself. Not entirely sure how it happened but I over looked 2 assignments for Week 2. Monday morning when I realized I sent an email to my prof asking for 1 additional day. Being that late work is not accepted BUT being in the 1st 2 weeks I knew she would probably grant my request. Apparently I was not the only one to miss these and she allowed us all until midnight. Great awesome. Went home did the assignments. Yay.
Fastforward to last night, working on an assignment that started last week but isnt due till this week and I am confused. So I am clicking around and I realize I didnt miss 2 assignments I missed 3 (only 2 were graded so when she sent the passwords to reopen she only sent 2). OMG.
Great so now I have a zero. I have to basically get 100's on everything else to keep my grade up in this class. Ugh, so mad.

Thats all for today.
Stupid mumble mumble mumble...

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