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Friday, July 19, 2013

Wii Poop

Riley is out of the hospital. They think it was an infection, which led to a fever, which led to one of those fever seizures. They kept her over night and she wasnt really responding to anyone, playing, eating or drinking. But they doubt she will ever even experience this again. So glad she is ok.

I am so sick and tired of Johnny living w/ us. He has his puppy w/ him and between Chance, the puppy and the kitty I am going to lose my mind. The puppy and kitty pee and poop everywhere. I think its confusing Chance bc now he's having accidents. OMG! But not just all the animals, I miss having just me and Jon there. He is supposed to be leaving at the end of the month tho. I'm googling tips on how to help him use the box. Everything will be so much better if he learns to use that DAMN BOX!!

Tonight is ladies night. Movies, snacks and socializing w/ my family. I love it. Can't wait.

I wanna hook up my wii soon.

Hmmm well have a good weekend!!

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