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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Better Late than Never

Ok SO weekend post a day late.
Friday was Ladies Night w/ my fam, so after work I went straight to Clear Lake even tho the party wasnt till 6 I wasnt gonna go home. If I would have, I'd never make it back out. I went to my gpa's and slept, or at least tried to nap. As soon as I dozed off my gpa called to make sure I had made it. He had left the house open for me. Fell asleep again and then Jon called to torture check on me. I finally gave up and headed to hank out with Krystal a little before the party.
The get together was good. Yummy food. Good company. We watched Admission. Very strange movie. Not bad, just weird. I didnt mind it but my aunt kept commenting on how odd it was. Meh.

Saturday I cleaned and tried to get the cat the use the box. After several extremely unsuccessful attempts (him attacking my hands/peeing in the house AGAIN) I texted Jon to say that I just cant take it anymore. Barbara agreed to take him back, so we drove Kitty out there after Jon got off and had dinner. We couldn't go back to her house bc of Danny. Jon will NOT be around Danny. And I dont blame him. After all the crap he has pulled w/ their mom lately. It makes me so angry. But Jon and I took the long way home and he showed me around that side of town more.
Once we got home, we hooked up the Wii and played a few games together. Jon ended up loving the Wii. Which makes me happy bc now we can play together.

Sunday we went to lunch at Fuddruckers, yummy! Then stopped at Gamestop to get some accessories for the Wii, like a controller. It only came with one and we wanted to play together. Got some groceries and stopped and got some yummy watermelon. After we got home we finished cleaning and then played Wii.

I love weekends like these. Busy but not jam packed with stuff. Makes me feel productive. I also dont like to be a lazy bum, unless its with Jon and we can stay in bed all day.

Alright. Have a good Tuesday.

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