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Monday, July 29, 2013

Blogger Issues

Friday morning I recieved an email that has messed everything up. I don't really wanna talk too much about it other then to say Jon and I have had to make a big decision. We still haven't decided. We need to continue to pray about it and hopefully He will give us the answer we need.

Saturday was my sleep study. I was so nervous going into it. And it was def weird. Its so akward to sleep w/ 50 wires all over you, in a new location, a different bed and being monitered. But I managed. Thank goodness. I can't wait for my f/u with my sleep doc to get my results.

Sunday was a super lazy day and we slept off and on until early afternoon.

My blogger is having issues today for some reason so I better wrap this up before I lose it.

Close up of all the face stuff

My control panel

All the hook ups minus my legs

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