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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taco Tuesday

I am not sure how much longer I will have access to blogger at work. When I logged in yesterday I almost couldnt create a new entry bc I can not click on this box where you compose a new post. Luckily I can click in the title box and tab my way over here. If I can't blog at work I dont know how good I'll be about doing it from home.

Last night start off pretty good. I went home and started Week 4. This time I think I got it down as far as reading everything and not jumping from spot to spot. I submitted both discussion topics and now I just have my chapter reading and 2 assignments due later in the month. We have started our project. I have to do a slideshow presentation on a Leader in my industry. Blah.

Jon came home and we got dinner, then he wanted to watch Harry Potter. I refuse to watch any of those so while he was doing that I tried to catch up on some youtube subscriptions. He got a call from a employees son that his dad, Johnny, Jon's service writer at the West Rd shop, was being taken to the ER. Then Barbara called and Danny is being an asshat again.

When J came to bed, he signed and I knew everything was getting to him. It sometimes sucks to be the strong one. The one everyone relies on. He needs to figure out what he can and can't handle and set boundries. We love his momma, and I KNOW he would never not be there for her, but we also know that she keeps flip flopping on the Danny thing and in the mean time pulling Jon back and forth w/ her too. So I told Jon just be there for her verbally and dont worry about actually trying to follow thru (like repo-ing Danny's truck) and putting more on his plate. We know that 5 days later she will take Danny back and change her mind. Just tell her yes and move along.

Oh and one last thing. I really hate roommates. Next time we think about doing this, someone stop us. (Not Ryland) Johnny sent a text to Jon that hes moving out, which we knew, that was the plan, but he said he's paying 1/2 of rent next week and the rest later. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMM. How exactly do you think we planned on paying rent! Jerk.

Alrighty well I better get off here. Have a great day.

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