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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catch Up - End of Week

After my Very Special Episode I was pretty shook up. Besides the super weird weirdness, we did have a really good discussion about my luck w/ guys. Or finding guys who are interested in more then sex. Now he was more on the extreme side of things but he made some sense. Basically his point was no guy would get involved w/ me when I was still involved w/ Russell. And I was trying to fight my point of, we arent involved per say, but he said we work together, car pool sometimes, we help each other financially. Thats too much involvement since he is an ex. Thats competition.
And he is absolutely right.
But the problem is how do you completely cut ties w/ someone you have been w/ for 11 years. I've never broken up as an adult. I am slowly weaning Russ off. And I see progress being made slowly. Nothing is mine or his. Everything is ours. So lots of sorting and its time consuming, not to mention emotionally draining.
So he may be on to something, BUT I also think there is a happy medium and I am working on finding it.
Speaking of VSE (ha!) he left me w/ a bad mojo and I needed to clean that aura outta my apt, so I invited Brian over Thurs night. Mucho bettero. Seriously. I wonder if VSE is a virgin. Such a weird night.

Friday I had my drs apt for my insomnia. I was rx-ed Ambien. And an inhaler for my .... something. I wasnt paying attention. lol I havent filled them yet bc I have to wait till pay day but I'm nervous about the Ambien. She did give me the controlled release which she said doesnt have all the crazy side effects as regular ambien.
Friday night I went to my BFF's and met her kitty Valentine. OMG she is adorable. She was abandoned by her momma kitty and she still has to be bottle fed. So stinkin cute!



  1. Cute kitty! I definitely see your point...don't rush the process of breaking away from Russell, it will happen in it's own time. And a guy who is secure enough for a relationship with you, should be able to understand that just because you are divorcing Russell, it doesn't mean you aren't going to talk to him still, or have him in your life as a friend. 11 years is a LONG time to just cut someone out of your life...I think it shows that you are a sweet person, someone who doesn't just "throw away" people in your life to move on to something better. Keep being you, and you'll find a guy who loves and accepts you as is.