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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do you know the Potty Rules?

I feel like death. Death on a stick. Blerg. Its my stomach today. And I hate pooping at work so bad. lol Sorry TMI. But its true. No one knows the rules. I just prefer to not if at all possible. I wish there was a secret bathroom at work. lol

Javi texted me finally last night. He said I wasnt texting him/replying to his text. Hmmm I dont know... Seems shady. And he could have called or texted again. Blah. So now I dont know what to do. Boys are dumb and so it dating. I like him but I want someone I can count on. Already my guard is up. Just not a good way to start a relationship... or whatever this is going to be.

My whole family is going to see Ryland this Saturday. I am so jealous. I wanna see him too. I miss him so much. Since they moved him to LA we dont get to see him twice a week like before. He has been there since before Sept. With the holidays coming I need to take care of my ticket in LA so I can go see him before his trial starts in Jan. Which I do already have 2 weeks off for. God I hope and pray that he is able to come home soon. He was so young when he made a really stupid mistake. He has already served 2 years just waiting for trial. I think that is plenty for a minor. Just bring him home!!

Russell, my ex husband (almost), is "talking" to a new lady. LOL I think its cute and I am happy for him. Not gonna lie there is/was a part of me that was all ghetto head rolling hand in the air gum smacking attitude having "oh no he did-eh!" but really. I cant expect him to be alone for the rest of his live. I have moved on and he can too.

TGIF. This week has been ok work wise minus the sleepiness. But I'm excited bc Adams GF is going to be out of town allllllll week. She leaves this weekend and comes back next. SO thats means I get some quality time w/ him. Wahoo.

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